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Cranking Up The Machine



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I had for a couple of years, but I realized, in my heart of hearts, that while I LOVE to write, I am absolutely passionate about my illustration and art work.  So, I put to bed.  BUT there are topics I find myself very interested in – and topics I find folks on Facebook and Twitter seem really interested in.  That said, I want to crank back up the blogging machine – but in a very enjoyable, topic-specific kind of way.

So, keep a watch here for information on things like illustration process information, portfolio creation, stuff I’ve learned by doing it the wrong/right way, and more!

I’m so glad you’re here…


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Week 2 – Scott Eaton Anatomy For Artists

I’ve just watched the lecture material (well…over the course of the last 20 hours, I’ve watched it…) for week two of Scott Eaton’s Anatomy For Artists course.  It’s really interesting to watch all of it, of course, but most instructive, beyond learning the anatomy itself, is seeing how other artists have treated muscle groups, proportion, and bony landmarks.  It is really instructive to see what’s proper, but also to see how inaccurate treatment of anatomy, even on fantastic creatures based on human anatomy, can throw off a work completely.

Speaking of work – I have a long way to go toward getting all of this ingrained in my own fiber…

Off to draw!

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Scott Eaton Drawing

So, if you’re reading this on, you already know I’m an artist.  If you’re reading this on, you might not know that…well…I’m an artist.  So, as do all devotees of their crafts and/or pursuits, I’ve opted to put in some really concentrated skill improvement and practice time.  I’m doing that by taking a class through  Scott is a visual artist whose technical excellence is certainly inspiring.  I can tell you with great certainty that he didn’t get ‘good’ at drawing without practice.

Boney McBones - in proportion

Boney McBones – in proportion

At any rate, I’m taking his anatomy for artists class and am – one week into the venture – really enjoying it.  We’ve gone over the bones of the torso, general proportions, and we’ve even watched x-rays of several joints articulating as the humans depicted made various movements.

Body Segment Modeling

Body Segment Modeling

It may sound like overkill – and to be certain, it might feel a little dorky when people see you drawing bones, skeletons, and basic body models (particularly when you’re in the parking lot at your kid’s school awaiting the little tyke’s arrival at your car door…), but concentrated effort is critical to improvement.  That’s why I’m taking the class…

Mr. McBones - traced so I could get the feel for the bones.

Mr. McBones – traced so I could get the feel for the bones.

McBones - this time drawn freehand.  Minus a few parts...

McBones – this time drawn freehand. Minus a few parts…

So – off I go for another day’s lessons!  Cheers!

Even the most disciplined artist has to let his or her mind wander now and again.

Even the most disciplined artist has to let his or her mind wander now and again.

Published: January 31, 2014

Thinking Cap

Thinking Cap

Published: January 27, 2014

Alice: After Wonderland

Alice:  After Wonderland

Published: January 27, 2014


Two Toads

Published: January 27, 2014

Flying Spoon Studios On Facebook

Hello!  Thanks so much for visiting my site!  I have a page on Facebook – I’d be really grateful if you’d give me a visit there and perhaps even a ‘Like’!  Thanks so much!

Published: January 27, 2014

Little Boy Blue


Published: January 27, 2014

Smoking Man


Published: January 27, 2014

Diner Diva


Published: January 27, 2014